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Yunus Emre English Subtitles

In 1238, Yunus Emre English Subtitles was born and he lives at the end of Seljuk Empire. Mongols have been attacked on the Anatolia and the inhibitors of Anatolia become helpless, poor, and disparate. At that time only one Yunas Emre gives virtue, love, and tolerance to the people of Anatolia. He was a famous poet and he wrote many poems and he also used the language of his mother and Turkish instead of Persian or Arabic. In a very short time. He gets popularity and effectiveness. The sources of Yunas Emre works for the love of Allah and Islam, folklore and Turkish history, and continuously finding for the wisdom. He went to Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, and the East side of Anatolia and many other places also.

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Tapduk Emre was his teacher and Yunas Emre respected his teacher for the lifetime. He died in Anatolia in 1320. In 2015 the series Yunas Emre was started on the screens. It has two seasons. The audience can see in the first season, the struggle of Yunas Emre with his soul, ego, and viewers can see in the second season, Yunas Emre learns the wisdom and the truth. He was a judge in Sharia law and he performed his duty in Nalihan. He had some type of attitude with the authority he got from his judgeship. He meets Tapduk Emre before he goes to Nalihan. Tapduk Emre doesn’t show any interest at him and which made Yunas crazy. He thought why Tapduk didn’t respect him. After some time, he becomes ill and needs treatment. He has an appointment with the doctor who was non-Muslim.
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